I begin by asking you a set of questions pertaining to your product, voice, and audience. From that set of questions, I analyze your niche and target potential customers. I then create custom, personalized copy tailored to your needs.

  • I utilize SEO and keywords to target your readers. 
  • I write captivating, but friendly, speech to keep them interested. 
  • I develop powerful CTAs to encourage them to click through and get you more sales. 

Let's get in touch to see what all we can do.

I know I can't write poetry..., hire me to write your copy instead!

Ever wonder if you're targeting your true audience, or how to engage and keep them coming back? A good product or service isn't the only part of the game. 

I write to your ideal customer by finding and researching your niche and then using analytics to discover what works.

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  • Rates differ by the project and I happily provide free quotes and extra advice on optimizing your content strategies.
  • I also have a satisfaction guarantee... You as a customer should never come away dissatisfied with a service you have paid for. I strive to maintain that philosophy by bringing you the best of my abilities to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Writing Samples

A few short sample writings. I specialize in business and working with a multicultural audience, but can write on a variety of topics. I have a wide range of interests and my skillsets cover anything from animals and tattoos to construction and e-commerce. 

Contact me further about my experience on specific topics you may need. 

My main business website can be found at www.lingowriters.com where I work with my Spanish speaking partner to create web copy and provide SEO, social media management and content services in multilingual contexts. 

How to Find a Translation Job When First Starting Your Freelancing Career

How to Find a Translation Job When First Starting Your Freelancing Career Becoming a digital nomad is not easy, nor is it a one-step process. Most freelancers take years to transition from their full-time steady income to their work from home jobs, and some never do. The reasons for this vary. Sometimes people find the stress of starting out to be too much, some think they don’t have the skills, and others believe that they don’t have what it takes. The key to freelancing though is flexibility